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How to make natural deodorant

OM Detox - Natural vegan deodorant

Today I’m talking about body odor and natural deodorant… I’m sure you’ve experienced it at some point. You’re a work, or at dinner, or at the gym… and all of a sudden you realize that…you stink!! So embarrassing! For sure, you can decrease your body odour with the right diet, daily green juices, and a…

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5 Best HIIT Workout Videos

5 best Youtube HIIT workout videos

Would you like to get in shape quickly without visiting the gym? Even if you’ve got a restricted amount of time to dedicate to exercising, there is a way to workout your whole body at home without any equipment. This kind of training is called HIIT workout, and you will find the best HIIT videos…

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4 Amazing Weight Loss Drinks

OMDetox Weight Loss Drinks - Scientifically Proven DIY Drinks to Burn Fat

Many companies claim to offer the miracle weight loss drink that can burn all that tummy fat you’ve desperately been trying to lose. But is that even possible? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just drink a tasty beverage and lose 10 pounds? Unfortunately, there is no weight loss drink that can provoke such…

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Preparing For Pregnancy

OMDetox - Preparing for pregnancy

We live in a world full of toxins. We are constantly in contact with air pollution, food contaminants, heavy metals, flame retardants in furniture and other toxic chemicals that poison our bodies. These pollutants are stored in our cells and can be transmitted to our children during pregnancy. That is why it is essential for…

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Actress Laura Aikman loses 5 Kg with Om Detox

Actress Laura Aikman & Actor Matt Kennard in Peru

Actor Matt Kennard & Actress Laura Aikman Laura Aikman starred in The Job Lot, Keith Lemon:The Film, Waterloo Road and Bluestone 42. After watching the tv show The Retreat with Nick Knowles (airing on BBC Two and Netflix UK), the 30 year old British actress wanted to know more about the cleansing process that the…

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