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The Program

Our 7 day detox includes everything that you need to truly cleanse your body! This program has been used by thousands of people with various health problems.

Whether you are detoxing to heal from an illness, for weight loss, digestive issues, inflammation, to eliminate heavy metals, yeast or parasites, to heal emotional problems or for spiritual growth, the results you will get will be amazing.

Fasting is the world’s most ancient healing method that reaches every cell and tissue in the body.

We created a unique blend of Superfoods that will nourish your body throughout the cleansing process. Our colon cleanser capsules and shakes will eliminate toxic build-ups in the large intestine (colon) and the small intestine.

Even with daily bowel movements, most people can have 7 to 10 pounds of old fecal matter in their colon!

Your intestines are a perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria, parasites, worms and yeasts.

OMDetox herbal supplements and cleansing shakes are known to be the best at removing toxins, overgrowths of candida, parasites and mucus. All the unwanted wastes will be eliminated from your digestive system, leaving you free of those harmful toxins.

This detox will allow your body to regain its natural balance and begin to heal. 

Your body’s natural state is to be healthy. It should always be in balance with nature and its own system. To reach this equilibrium, we can treat ourselves with the right diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. When we are feeling ill, we should listen to our body sending us a signal that we have lost our balance. Adjustments must be done!

Cleansing at home with a natural herbal detox kit is the perfect way to press the “reset” button and regain your health. OmDetox supplements will assist your body in flushing the excess waste and toxins that are causing your illnesses.

Your body is a powerful machine, but it needs a little help from you! Eliminating bad eating habits will allow your body’s self-healing mechanisms to be activated again. With the help of our detox herbs, supplements and probiotics, the process of detoxification will be magnified. You will see amazing results!

OMDetox 7-Day Detox

OMDetox 7 Day Program

The 7 Day Detox & Colon Cleanse program involves fasting with the help of supplements, colon cleansers and our detox shakes formula. There is no solid food taken during the entire program.

Fasting is the best way to promote longevity. It detoxifies the bloodstream, restores mental clarity, eliminates toxins and waste materials from the digestive tract.

Scientific studies show that fasting forces the body to eliminate damaged cells, dead cells, cysts, cancer growth and any unwanted waste. It’s like your body eating itself and creating a new and improved immune system.

Toxins Absorber Shakes

During the OMDetox 7-day cleansing program, you will drink detox shakes to help you suppress the hunger, while absorbing toxins, mold, parasites, yeasts and other wastes in the digestive tract. The detox shakes are composed of bentonite clay and psyllium husk powder.

Bentonite clay comes from aged volcano ash and is often called “living earth”. It has retained the electromagnetic charge that was formed during volcanic action, from thermal-dynamics. Like a magnet, Bentonite clay can absorb toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, viruses and parasites.  Its strong negative charge has the ability to draw all sorts of positively charged toxic material, and drag them out of the body through the digestive tract. When bentonite clay molecules are in contact with toxin molecules, they bond together and the toxic molecules are absorbed by the bentonite. Bentonite clay is able to remove toxic metals and chemicals from the body, while supporting liver detoxification and colon cleansing, boosting the immune system and promoting the balance of the gut flora.

Psyllium is a fiber that comes from the Plantago plant. It promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. It is linked to the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and is protective against heart diseases, colon cancer and diabetes. Psyllium husk is often used for treating intestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) because it is known to relieve both constipation and diarrhea. Psyllium seeds can come as husk or powder. Both are effective, but the powder has shown better results in relieving constipation. This is why we use the powder form in our shakes. Psyllium is are able to absorb water and form a gel-like substance that permits the transport of toxins and waste through the digestive tract.

OMDetox Supplements and Colon Cleanser

During the OMDetox 7-day cleansing program, you will take herbal supplements and colon cleanser capsules. This will give you nutrients during the fast, while cleansing your intestines (colon) from toxic waste accumulation.

Our Green Superfoods supplements (spirulina, chlorella, moringa, wheatgrass and alfalfa) will nourish your brain, your muscles and all your cells while you are fasting. They will provide your body with nutrients to ensure that no deficiency occurs during the cleanse.

Our Colon Cleansing formula is an Ayurvedic blend of triphala, turmeric, fenugreek, clove, garlic, ginger and fennel, which will support your organs and stimulate the cleansing your intestines.

Most colon cleanse programs on the market use cascara sagrada or senna as their main ingredients, two laxatives that are very hard on your colon and can provoke health problems. You will be happy to know that OMDetox colon cleanser does not contain these harmful ingredients. We choose to use triphala instead, a non-abrasive and natural laxative that will help you gently cleanse your digestive tract.

Fasting made easy for you

Do you think that fasting for 7 days isn’t possible? If your answer is yes, well you’re wrong. We can actually fast for 40 days without having any deficiencies…

But of course, drinking only water can be a bit hard. This is why we created this program…

Our 7 day detox program is designed to make it easier for you to get all the benefits you would get from a water fast, without having to go through this difficult process.

We know that abstaining from food is not an easy task, let alone drinking only water! Many people need to stay in bed while water fasting, and may go through very intense cleansing symptoms.

Plus, it is not recommended for anyone to attempt a water fast of more than 3 days without the supervision of a professional.

With the OMDetox 7 day cleansing program, you can get very close to the results of a water fast, without all the risks and with fewer detox symptoms. Our natural supplements will provide nutrients to your body, without breaking the fast. Our fibre drinks will make it much easier for you to go through the day and avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms.

How to Prepare for Your Detox

Before your detox program, we recommend you to follow a pre-cleanse diet program, with non-acidic food. The longer you will prepare for the fast, the better for you. Eating healthy vegetarian foods will slowly start the process of detoxification. You will feel better already, just by eating a high-fiber diet.

Plants are not only rich in fibre, they also contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, water, protein, healthy fats and sugars. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will ensure that your nutrient reserves are adequate before you start your cleanse.

Eating plants will also allow you to make good reserves of electrolytes before your detox. Electrolytes are minerals that help balance your blood pH and other body fluids. Having low electrolyte levels usually results in an acidic body. Electrolytes also contribute to the detox process, binding to toxins and helping to eliminate them. Eating a plant-based diet two weeks prior to your detox will rise your electrolyte levels and encourage a safer cleanse. Drinking fresh vegetable juices daily will also benefit your pre-cleanse significantly. Kale, celery, cucumber, broccoli, carrot, beetroot are good examples of vegetables you can turn into mineral rich juices.

Weight loss is something you can expect by following our dietary recommendations. Because you will be avoiding all the saturated and trans fats that animal products contain, you body will thank you…

Two days before your cleanse, we encourage you to eat only raw food (salads, fruits, vegetables), to ensure an easier fast and prepare your body gradually for the full fasting program. The first few days of your detox will be easier, with less detox symptoms.

The Cleanse

During the cleanse, juices are permitted. They provide additional nutrients and energy. We encourage those who have decided to work during their cleanse, to drink as many juices as they want. Freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices are recommended. Avoid commercial juices from the grocery store, as they are filled with preservatives, pesticides and industrial sugars.

Consult the support section for juice recipes during the detox.

The OMDetox Cleanse also provides you with an enema bag, for colon cleansing. Flushing the toxins out of the bowels every day will accelerate the process of detoxification, and make your cleanse more efficient. It will eliminate old waste, putrefied food, mucoid plaque and other toxic buildups. Colon cleansing will also benefit your weight loss journey after the cleanse, allowing you to absorb nutrients more efficiently and have more energy for workouts.

Fasting is a great way to kick-start your weight loss program, allowing you to lose about two pounds per day. *

You might eliminate parasites and yeast like Candida during the process. Do not be alarmed. Many people have those unwanted guests. Getting them out of your body is a positive thing. They might have been the cause of your illnesses. Worms come in different shapes and sizes. Their eggs are microscopic, but the adults can be seen with our eyes.

Common parasitic infections in humans are from Roundworms, Pinworms, Tapeworms, Whipworms and Hookworms. These worms survive by eating your nutrients or sucking your blood, creating deficiencies and lowering your immune system. Symptoms from having parasites are often ignored or misdiagnosed. Some people have parasites for years without having any symptoms.

Parasite symptoms

  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Itchy anus
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Constant hunger
  • Sugar cravings
  • Iron-deficiency anemia
  • Migraines
  • Hair Loss
  • Irritability
  • Weight gain
  • Worms in the stool
  • Skin rashes
  • Inability to gain weight

Don’t wait any longer! Get your 7-day detox NOW and eliminate parasites, candida, mold, heavy metals and toxins from your system….You will feel better instantly! You will be amazed with the results…

OMDetox 7-day cleanse program

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