Raw Food Diet (2 days)

For some people, a detox can be difficult physically during the first couple of days of the fast. This is usually because they did not prepare their body correctly with fresh, organic and raw foods. Most of us eat a standard American diet (SAD) which affects the toxicity levels in the body.

This diet is very rich in processed foods, refined & non-organic grains, as well as animal products. Even if these substances are being filtered by our organs 24 hours per day, they are never completely eliminated, because we keep eating those foods again and again and again.

When you start fasting, the body can finally detox from that toxic waste which is highly acidic. A pre-cleanse raw food diet will start the process of detox and change your body’s pH from acid to alkaline. While cleansing, the high acidity levels in the body are responsible for symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and aches in joints. Because araw food diet is more alkalizing, and cooked food is more acidifying, we recommend you to eat a raw food diet two days before you start your detox program.

Don’t be alarmed, it is common to feel detox symptoms while you are on the pre-cleanse diet. The more toxic your lifestyle is, the more you will feel your body detoxifying. But remember that it is positive to feel this way. It only means that you will benefit greatly from this detox!

Here is some inspiration for your pre-cleanse days. We made you a list of colorful and tasty meals that will alkalize your body. If you need more recipes, you can also choose from the Post-cleanse menu, which is also composed of raw food. You can have smoothies and juices, just make sure not to add any sugars or dairy in it. Enjoy the food while you still can!

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