Weekend Detox Challenge

Weekend Detox Challenge

Who says you need to stop eating in order to detox the body? Fasting is a great way to reverse diseases and clear up the body from toxic build-ups. But it is also true that you can cleanse without starving yourself, with our 2 day detox challenge. Before attempting any juice detox or water fast,…

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The Amazing Benefits of Fasting (intermittent vs prolonged fasting)

Fasting benefits

Have you ever tried skipping a meal? What about skipping 3 meals? Or the entire week! Does this sound crazy to you? Actually, more and more studies are demonstrating the benefits of fasting, and the scientists are recommending it to prevent and cure different illnesses. Here’s why. In our modern societies, we typically consume three…

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You won’t believe what comes out of people during this detox!

intestinal worms

**Warning: graphic pictures! Photos in this article have been provided by OMDetox clients. Some of these images contain feces. Everybody can have parasites. There are different types of intestinal worms that can live in your gut and feed off your nutrients. They appear in all shapes and forms, and can make you very ill. These…

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The Best Food for Your Brain

best brain food

There is a growing number of people interested in eating healthier food. We are now more concerned about our weight, our digestion, and our energy levels. We care about what’s in our food, we try to buy organic and local, and we make sure to consume more vegetables than we use to. But what about…

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Why You Should Freeze Lemons

why you should freeze your lemon

Lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruit, citrus fruits are so refreshing and alkalizing. We know how good they are for us, because they are loaded with Vitamin C. One way to make sure you never run out of these goodies is to freeze your lemons. And there is more to it! In fact, every part of…

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15 Vegan Cookbooks You Must have in Your Kitchen

15 Vegan cookbooks

Many people are still under the impression that vegan food can be bland, boring and complicated to make. On the contrary, vegan cooking can be so easy and delicious, especially if you have the right cookbooks in your kitchen. Eating plant-based means loading your body with essential nutrients and avoiding harmful fats and cholesterol. If…

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What’s Seriously Wrong with the Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet basics

The Paleo diet sits on good intentions. It says that we should eat like a caveman if we wish to avoid being sick. The logic behind the paleo diet is that even if we have evolved since the Paleolithic era, our bodies are still the same and not meant to eat junk food. That actually…

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Do Vegans Get Enough Calcium?

Is milk calcium healthy

The calcium debate is always a hot topic. People are still uncertain if they can meet all their calcium needs just by eating plants. Since we were kids, we were conditioned to consume dairy for calcium. The idea that dairy is necessary is well established in our heads. Here’s the problem. We don’t know much…

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Why Cheese can be as Addictive as Drugs

Is Cheese Healthy

Which food do you find yourself the most addicted to? sweets? Salty snacks? Cheese? Fried foods? Pizza? Have you ever tried eating only one chip? Once you’ve had one, it’s not easy to control yourself and close the bag. They are just so irresistible and addictive. When asked if they would ever go vegan, most…

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric Cancer benefits

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that has gained popularity in the health food movement, and for good reasons. This yellow-orange spice is not only used in Indian cuisine, it is also used for fighting diseases. It is currently possible to consult more than 10,000 scientific articles published on PubMed, proving the health benefits of turmeric.…

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