Why Cheese can be as Addictive as Drugs

Is Cheese Healthy

Which food do you find yourself the most addicted to? sweets? Salty snacks? Cheese? Fried foods? Pizza? Have you ever tried eating only one chip? Once you’ve had one, it’s not easy to control yourself and close the bag. They are just so irresistible and addictive. When asked if they would ever go vegan, most…

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric Cancer benefits

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that has gained popularity in the health food movement, and for good reasons. This yellow-orange spice is not only used in Indian cuisine, it is also used for fighting diseases. It is currently possible to consult more than 10,000 scientific articles published on PubMed, proving the health benefits of turmeric.…

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8 Ways to do a Complete Body Detox

Your body has detoxing organs

Detox programs and juice cleanses are very popular. But what do they actually do? Do body detox programs work? What does detoxing actually mean? It’s very simple. Detoxing means that you decide to make lifestyle changes with the goal of clearing your body of harmful toxins. This process usually involves abstaining from exposing yourself to…

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4 Amazing Weight Loss Drinks

Detox water as a weight loss drink

Many companies claim to offer the miracle weight loss drink that can burn all that tummy fat you’ve desperately been trying to lose. Is that even possible? Wouldn’t it be great if we could just drink a tasty beverage and lose 10 pounds? Unfortunately, there is no weight loss drink that can provoke such results.…

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8 Detox Symptoms that Show Your Cleanse is Working

8 Signs that show your detox is working

So you have decided to detox your body! Great idea! You will not regret it. Whether you decided to cleanse with a detox diet, a traditional juice cleanse or a complete fast, the benefits you will get out of it will be extraordinary. You should not be afraid of the possible detox symptoms you may…

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Coconut Oil is Unhealthy – Misleading Headlines?

Is coconut oils as unhealthy as butter

This week’s headlines were clear: Coconut oil is unhealthy. Since the publication of the Presidential Advisory on Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease on June 15, 2017, there has been a wave of headlines condemning the use of coconut oil. All media outlets had the same story: the AHA advisory reviewed the existing data on saturated…

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5 Steps to Heal your Digestive Problems

Digestive problems and how to heal it

Have you ever asked yourself why you suffer from digestive problems? Why do we think that it’s normal to feel like crap after a meal? Why bloating, gas, acid reflux and constipation are now so common, that we believe that they are a part of the digestion process? We could not be farther from the…

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Preparing For Pregnancy

preparing for pregnancy

We live in a world full of toxins. We are constantly in contact with air pollution, food contaminants, heavy metals, flame retardants in furniture and other toxic chemicals that poison our bodies. These pollutants are stored in our cells and can be transmitted to our children during pregnancy. That is why it is essential for…

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The Retreat with Nick Knowles and Dominique Julien

The Retreat with Nick Knowles, Nick Knowles practices yoga and detox

I had such a wonderful experience participating in the filming of the tv show The Retreat with Nick Knowles (Netflix UK and BBC Two). As a naturopath and a detox mentor, my job was to guide the TV star and eight other participants through a healing journey, and watch them transform. What a blessing it…

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7 surprising reasons you suffer from constipation

What is causing your constipation

Constipation is a touchy subject for many of us. Talking about how often we visit the bathroom isn’t everyone’s favourite topic. Unfortunately, many of us are chronically constipated. Many people have no bowel movement in a week, a whole week. Normally, we should have at least 1 to 3 bowel movements per day. Anything less…

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