Detox Diet

OmDetox Diet Guidelines

Clean eating is also part of the cleansing process. It is important to us that you go through a good preparation before starting your detox program. We want you to get the full spectrum of benefits from this cleansing program. Follow our pre and post detox guide for the best detox results

Detox Preparation

A good pre-cleanse program will prepare your body for the full 7 days of the detox and will make it easier for you physically. If your body has been gradually introduced to clean and healthier food, the first 3 days of your detox will be easier, with less withdrawal symptoms. Prior to the Detox program, we advise you to follow a pre-cleanse program with non-acidic food, when it is possible. The longer you prepare for the fast, the better it is for you. We suggest you to eat a vegetarian diet 2 weeks before you start your detox. Avoiding all animal products is preferable. That includes eggs and dairy. If it is possible for you, also avoid processed and junk foods.

Look at the menu for meal suggestions.

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2 Days Pre-cleanse

If you do not have time to do a long preparation, just do what you can. We only suggest what is best for you. It is up to you to decide how long you need to prepare your body for this. Two days before you start the OmDetox program, we recommend you to choose an alkaline diet mostly composed of raw fruits and vegetables. This will permit you to have less symptoms in the first couple of days of the detox.

Look at the menu for easy raw recipes.

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Breaking the fast, Post-Cleanse Day 1 & 2

Introducing the food in your body after a fast has to be done gradually. After being shut down for a week, your digestive system is now sensitive to pro-inflammatory foods. You should reintroduce food carefully in order to get all the benefits from this detox. Choosing simple meals is the key to a successful post-cleanse diet. Follow our detox guide and you will enjoy every second of it!

Look at the menu for breaking your fast gently.

Raw pad Thai with zuccini noodles

Post-Cleanse, Day 3

On the third day after your detox program, you can almost eat normally, but not quite yet! Continue eating colourful salads and, you can now introduce the rice in your diet. You should choose whole and organic grains, like brown rice. Dal soup, a traditional Indian lentil dish, is also permitted. Just boil the dal in water with a little bit of garlic and your favorite herbs, until creamy.


Post-Cleanse, Day 4

You can now eat plant proteins like tofu, tempeh and beans. More grains can be introduced, like quinoa, buckwheat, barley and millet. For the next 4 days, AVOID the following foods, which will be too strong for your sensitive system:

-Coffee and tea (caffeine)
-Meat, poultry & fish
-Eggs & dairy
-Soft drinks & alcohol
-Chocolate, chips & candies
-Deep fried & spicy foods
-Wheat (bread, pasta, pastries)

Rice bowl with tofu and peanut sauce
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