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What Causes Constipation and How to Treat it Naturally

the causes of constipation and natural treatment

So are you constipated again? I think you need to address this issue because if you’re not eliminating every day, then you are in big trouble! In this article, you will learn the causes of constipation and what you can do to treat your problem naturally with your diet and lifestyle. First of all, you…

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Are probiotics really necessary?

Are Probiotics Necessary

There are 3 main reasons why you should take probiotics: 1- If you have taken antibiotics. 2- If you are struggling with digestive issues or mood disorders. 3- If you want to maintain a healthy flora. Antibiotics are great to get rid of a bacterial infection, but they also have the ability to disrupt the…

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How to cleanse your colon with a salt water flush

salt water flush -Colon Cleansing OMDetox

Are you constipated? You are not alone. Ten to twenty percent of the population suffers from constipation. If you have already improved your lifestyle by eating more fibre, exercising daily, doing enemas and colonics, but are still constipated, you may want to try a salt water flush. Did you know that you should have one…

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Is colon cleansing necessary?

Do you need a Colon Cleanse

Do you need a colon cleanse? We live in a toxic world where pollution is all around us and our food contains pesticides and all sorts of additives. All this toxicity can have negative effects on our digestion and our colon. Fortunately, our body is a powerful machine that is able to detoxify itself on…

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How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome
in 4 Steps

How to Heal Leaky Gut

Have you ever heard of the leaky gut syndrome? Many people suffer from it without even knowing it. That is because it is a relatively new condition, that is not even yet taught in medical school. We say that someone is struggling with a leaky gut, or increased intestinal permeability, when the wall of the…

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Is your poop normal? – Take the test

Why does my poop smell

Poop is something that we rarely talk about in public, even though we all do it. Yes, pooping is normal. It is part of a healthy digestion. If you think that your poop does not look right, it may be a sign that something else isn’t right. Your poop can reflect what your digestive health…

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6 Worst Foods For Digestion

Worst Foods For Digestion

Are you trying to figure out what is causing your digestive problems? Like many people, you may suffer from constipation, intestinal gas, bloating, heartburn or abdominal cramps. These symptoms are quite uncomfortable and are not normal. Digestive problems are usually caused by the food you put in your mouth, or can be the result of…

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4 Mistakes people make when treating Candida

OMDetox - Problems with The Candida diet

Are you dealing with a Candida overgrowth? Candida Albicans is the yeast-like fungus that causes thrush (infection in the mouth) and vaginal yeast infections. It is also part of our digestive system, working with our other gut bacteria to keep us in good health. It is present in places like our skin, our mouth, throat,…

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The Amazing Benefits of Fasting (intermittent vs prolonged fasting)

Fasting benefits

Have you ever tried skipping a meal? What about skipping 3 meals? Or the entire week… Does this sound crazy to you? Actually, more and more studies are showing the benefits of fasting. And the scientists are recommending it to prevent and cure different illnesses… Here’s why… In our modern societies, we typically consume three…

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric Cancer benefits

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that has gained popularity in the health food movement, and for good reasons. This yellow-orange spice is not only used in Indian cuisine, it is also used for fighting diseases. It is currently possible to consult more than 10,000 scientific articles published on PubMed, proving the health benefits of turmeric.…

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