4 Amazing Weight Loss Drinks

Many companies claim to offer the miracle weight loss drink that can burn all that tummy fat you’ve desperately been trying to lose. But is that even possible?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just drink a tasty beverage and lose 10 pounds? Unfortunately, there is no weight loss drink that can provoke such results.

However, there are certain types of beverages that are proven to be healthy and really help with weight loss. And they are not made of rare indigenous ingredients that you must purchase through a suspicious website, and then realize that someone has been loading your credit card with electronics in the Philippines.

No, these weight loss drinks I am proposing today are easy to make, because you probably already have all the ingredients in your home. So don’t be shy and drink up!

Weight loss drink #1 – Water

Drink detox water

Water is at the top of the list of the best weight loos drinks because it is the most important. Water plays many important roles in the human body. More than half of your body’s weight is made up of water. Every chemical reaction in your body happens with the help of water.

Water is needed to regulate your body temperature and to protect your tissues, organs and joints. You need water to transport nutrients, oxygen, hormones and antibodies. Even your brain needs water. Did you know that your mood and your mental capacities are affected by how much water you drink in a day? You can read more are the effect of water on your brain here.

Drinking water also allows digestion to function efficiently. Without a sufficient daily intake of water, the removal of toxins becomes more difficult and can create health problems like kidney stones and weight gain…

Water is definitely a great weight loss drink. Unlike sodas, milk, or juices, water is calorie free! You just can’t gain weight when you consume water…

But wait! You won’t believe this…but studies actually show that NOT drinking enough water can allow fat to accumulate in the body rather than being burnt for energy. In other words, if you don’t drink water, you’ll gain weight!

Water is also a good weight loss drink because it can suppress your appetite. When you drink before your meal, it actually encourages you to eat smaller portions. And water can make you feel full faster, with less calorie intake.

The recommendation is that you should drink at least 60 ounces of water daily, spread evenly throughout the day. When you feel thirsty, it means that you are already dehydrated! You should have a bottle of water with you at all times.

On hot summer days, you should drink more than 60 ounces of water to avoid dehydration. And you should also increase your intake of water when you do any type of workout.

Weight loss drink #2 – Detox water

Detox water as a weight loss drink

Detox water or infused water is a very popular weight loss drink these days. There are tons of beautiful pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. Detox water is usually prepared with fresh fruits and herbs, infused overnight in the refrigerator.

Detox water is a great substitute for people who have a hard time drinking enough water because they think plain water is boring. Apart from enhancing the flavour, adding slices of fruits to your filtered water provides essential nutrients to your body.

Fruits contain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that contribute to health and weight loss. For example, adding slices of lemon to your water offers many benefits. Lemons are known to help relieve constipation, which clears the bowels and helps with weight loss.

The phytonutrients (“phyto” means “plant”) that lemons contain offer antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-obesity effects. Lemons also contain pectin, a dietary fiber known to support digestion and produce a greater feeling of fullness after a meal. This can reduce food portions and help with weight loss.

Lemons are also loaded with vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and protects against toxins. Having a strong immunity usually results in having more energy to exercise and lose weight.

Did you know you can freeze your lemons for your drinks and recipes?

Lemons are not the only fruits you can add to your detox water. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, limes, and pears are good examples of delicious fruits that will improve the taste of your water while providing you with nutrients.

you can also use herbs and flowers for your infusions like mint, basil, rosemary, lavender, hibiscus, and butterfly pea. Try different combinations of detox waters and see what you like.

Weight loss drink #3 – Green tea

Green Tea as a weight loss drink

Green tea is also one of the best weight loss drinks out there. The special ingredient that is in the tea that may help you lose weight is named EGCG. Some research has shown that this compound can help increase metabolism and stimulate the oxidation of fat and its excretion…In English, it means it helps you burn fat!

Some studies suggest that drinking green tea for weight loss could even help prevent the development of fat cells… Wow! Is this for real? Green tea leaves also contain antioxidants called catechins, which are known to help our body burn fat!

Green tea is not only a helpful weight loss drink. It also offers other amazing health benefits. Drinking green tea boosts the antioxidant properties of your bloodstream within minutes of consumption.

It also decreases the DNA damage that is caused by free radicals in your body. Green tea may be protective against certain types of cancers such as oral cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer. Check out this cool video!


Weight loss drink #4 – Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss drink

Yes! Apple cider vinegar is a calorie-free way of flavouring foods like salads and sauces… And it is also used as a weight loss drink by many people. But does it work?

A study in Japan conducted on obese people has shown that consuming apple vinegar daily was able to reduce body weight without any dietary changes or physical activity. After drinking 2 tablespoons of vinegar daily during 3 months, the subjects were able to lose 5 pounds and 1 inch of waist. Knowing that, it seems like apple cider vinegar can make you lose abdominal fat…

But it appears that this study was founded by a company who sells vinegar… LOL

So how do we know that these results are real and were not manipulated for their desired outcome? We can’t know for sure… At least we know that when companies are funding research on healthy foods, they will not end up killing us like coca cola or the dairy industry. Even if these results were trafficked, consuming apple cider vinegar will not lead you to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

So now I turn to you…

What is your favourite weight loss drink? Anything that is not on my list?

Let me know how you’re able to manage your weight with food, drinks and exercise!



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