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9 Tips to have more energy and thrive

9 tips to have more energy and thrive - om detox

So you’re tired all the time? Out of energy in the middle of the day? You go to the store and stand in front of a horde of supplements, energy boosters, herbs, and vitamins… But do they really work? Or do they just fix the problem for today… and tomorrow you’ll be exhausted again? Today…

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How to make natural deodorant

OM Detox - Natural vegan deodorant

Today I’m talking about body odor and natural deodorant… I’m sure you’ve experienced it at some point. You’re a work, or at dinner, or at the gym… and all of a sudden you realize that…you stink!! So embarrassing! For sure, you can decrease your body odour with the right diet, daily green juices, and a…

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What Causes Constipation and How to Treat it Naturally

the causes of constipation and natural treatment

So are you constipated again? I think you need to address this issue because if you’re not eliminating every day, then you are in big trouble! In this article, you will learn the causes of constipation and what you can do to treat your problem naturally with your diet and lifestyle. First of all, you…

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Be aware: Toxic air in your home

Toxic Air in Your Home

Did you know that the air in your house may be toxic? Do you ever wonder why you have allergies or asthma? Studies show that the air in our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside… Isn’t that crazy?! Every day, you’re breathing toxic air! The worst part is…

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Is fasting difficult?

is om detox 7 day program difficult?

Are you interested in fasting (or detoxing) but you’re afraid it will be too difficult for you? You’re not alone… Most people would love to detox and cleanse their bodies from the toxic crap they are in contact with every day… but they’re too afraid of the work they’ll have to put in! So let…

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My review of Organifi Green juice

Try Organifi Superfood Green Juice Powder

I think you’ll agree that juicing does wonders for the body… But not everyone enjoys the taste of vegetable juice. Green juices can often be bitter in taste, so it’s difficult to make it really tasty… But I think that tasty or not, greens are an important part of your diet. So today I have…

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A Fatty Liver Can Kill You – 4 Easy Steps to cleanse your liver

Detox Your Liver in 4 Easy Steps - OMDetox

So you’ve decided that you need to do a liver cleanse? Well that’s not a bad idea…Doing a liver cleanse will rid your body of toxins and will benefit your health greatly…and I’ll tell you how. Did you know you can survive with only one kidney? Did you know you can also live without a…

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Do you know the 10 alarming signs of high blood pressure?

The 10 Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure - OMDetox

High blood pressure is now a very common condition amongst adults. According to a new report, nearly half of the American population (46%) have high blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure or Hypertension, you may eventually develop other health problems like heart disease, and increase your risk of dying from a heart…

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Cancer prevention – Eat this every day to prevent cancer

OMDetox Cancer Prevention - Eat this vegetable Every Day

Are you, like many others, looking for the most nutritious food out there, for cancer prevention and longevity. There are hundreds of new “superfoods” hitting the market every day, promising miracles. But what if I told you that the best food is just in front of your eyes! Open your refrigerator and look closely. What…

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25 Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes

25 vegan gluten-free recipes

This week, we are hitting you with 25 delicious gluten-free recipes. You know it, the popularity of the gluten-free diet is on the rise. The claimed benefits of this diet are the reduction of inflammation, weight loss, increased energy and improved health in general. Following a gluten-free diet is absolutely necessary for managing medical conditions…

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