How often should you cleanse?

Is it beneficial to detox regularly with the 3-day healing detox? Girls holding green smoothies, smiling.

If you’ve done a cleanse before, chances are that you felt amazing afterwards, right?

So you might be wondering… How often should you cleanse? How many times a year should you do a good detox

Is it even good to cleanse often?

My answer is YES, it’s very beneficial! If you got awesome results out of your first cleanse, you can only get more awesome results when you cleanse again…

Cleansing is for everyone, not only for those with an unhealthy lifestyle… Having a healing diet doesn’t mean that you won’t get benefit from a cleanse, in the contrary.

I eat pretty healthy, maybe 80% whole foods, I don’t drink alcohol or pop, no coffee, no smoking, no drugs, no meds… I go to bed at 9pm… and I still cleanse at least 6 times per year.

I like to do a 7-day fast once a year, and a 3-day healing detox every second month… because I love the way it makes me feel!

So, how often should you cleanse? Well that is completely up to you… But I think the more cleansing you do, the more benefits you’ll get out of it.

The benefits of cleansing

What’s cleansing all about anyway?

You can fast (no food, only water or juice) to cleanse rapidly at a cellular level and burn fat. Or you can do healing cleanses with superfoods like the 3-day detox I created.

Today, I’ll talk about the 3-day healing detox…

A break from toxins

Cleansing is all about giving a much-deserved break to your body… A break from processed foods, junk food, fatty food, added sugar, pesticides, alcohol, and all the other toxic products that you normally ingest and become toxins in your body.

Those toxins must be eliminated by your body. Some will be eliminated by your liver, while others will be stored somewhere in your body.

And where are toxins stored? In fat cells!

Yes, your body protects itself from toxins by wrapping them in fat cells.

So the more toxins you have, the more fat and cellulite you have… Think about it, how much of the food I enumerated above do you consume daily?

Taking a little time out from those toxins will only benefit you. When you cleanse, you allow your body to release some of those toxins and finally eliminate them.

A good flush

One of the reasons why my 3-day healing detox is so different from other cleanses is that it’s a high fiber detox.

All the food you’ll be putting in your body is loaded with fibre. Consequently, all the accumulated waste in your bowel will finally be eliminated…

You see, depending on your diet, you may have a certain amount of solidified food in your intestines… Low-fibre foods don’t move efficiently in the bowels and can end up building up.

Meat, for example, doesn’t contain any fiber. In fact, all animal products contain zero fiber… this results in rotting food in your intestines, causing bloating, constipation, gasses, fatigue, headaches, and in some cases… colon cancer.

I see other cleansing programs that still allow animal products, like Danette May’s detox, or the Clean Program, just to name a few… You can guess what I think of that… (eye roll)

Cleansing with my 3-day healing detox can help you move all this accumulated waste out of your bowels and radically improve your digestion.

A boost in nutrients

When your diet lacks fibre, it usually also lacks certain essential nutrients… People don’t realize that not eating enough fruit and vegetables has a huge impact on their health.

Almost all vitamins and minerals come from the Earth and are found in large quantities in fruits and vegetables.

To meet all your daily needs, the new Canadian food guide recommends that 50% of your plate comes from fruits and vegetables, 25% from whole grains, and 25% from high-protein food (and that we should choose plant-based protein more often).

Most people don’t even come close to eating this amount of vegetables… Do you?

Cleansing is also about providing your body with the best food on the planet to nourish each of your cells.

During the 3-day healing detox, you’ll be preparing easy recipes with superfoods and cleansing ingredients that you can easily find at your local grocery store.

You’ll eat less than usual, but you’ll nourish your body more than you ever did!

The benefits of cleansing regularly

If you’ve done a cleanse in the past, you know that it was beneficial for you. So just imagine what you could get if you would do this on a regular basis…

This is why I created this program. I want you to be able to do it over and over again so that you can feel amazing all the time!

So how often should you cleanse with the 3-day healing detox?

You only have to buy the program once, and then it’s yours! You can do it every month if you’re up for it… It will only benefit you!

Here are 9 benefits you can get from cleansing regularly:

  • More energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Better digestion
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Clearer skin
  • Nicer hair
  • Stronger immune system
  • Weight management
  • Better relationship with food

So what do you think? Are you up for it?

Let’s do this together… it’s only 3 days of your life… for having the chance to flush out toxins that have been intoxicating you, and to boost your energy levels like never before!

You won’t regret it, I promise. And if for some reason you do regret it, then just let me now and I’ll give you your money back!

To buy your 3-day healing detox, click here and enter your information at the bottom of the page.

All the best,

Dominique x


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Dominique believes in the power of healing through fasting and colon cleansing. Over the years, she has seen miracles happening in her clients lives and in hers. A true advocate of responsible medicine and nutrition, educating people about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet is a real passion for her.

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