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How to cleanse your system in 2 days with apples

The 2-day Apple Cleanse Diet

This 2-day apple cleanse diet is a great method to detox your body rapidly. This is a cleanse designed for those who don’t have much time for a long detox, and for those who are not interested in fasting and colon cleansing.

Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away… But what about eating only apples all day!

You may have already heard of other fruit diets like the grape cleanse diet. The apple diet is one of the most efficient of these cleanses. It’s very simple and easy to do, without the annoying detox symptoms that come with fasting.

How to do the apple cleanse diet

It’s very simple. For two days, you will only eat apples. That’s it. No magic pill. Just apples. You will eat apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also have them between meals as snacks.

You can eat as many apples as you want, whenever you are hungry. Any questions?

Choose organic apples. That way, you will avoid all the pesticides that are sprayed on conventionally grown apples, and the wax that makes them shiny. You should still wash them or peel them before eating them.

You might think that you will get bored of eating apples only! Well, you may. But it’s only for 2 days! You can spice them up with a little bit of cinnamon, cardamom, or ginger. Or you can have them with freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can also decide to eat a variety of apples during your cleanse, to enjoy different flavours.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You can also have herbal tea during the cleanse.


How to prepare yourself before the 2-day apple cleanse

You should prepare your body for a week before you start your apple detox diet. This will permit to reduce or even avoid the detox symptoms that may come with it. To do so, don’t consume any caffeine, alcohol, sodas, fried foods, processed junk, and industrial sugars. Read labels carefully. You can begin the preparation week by cutting down on these products, and gradually eliminating them from your diet.

Two days before the apple cleanse, you should also avoid animal products. Only eat whole plant foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Consult our recipe page for menu ideas.

Your last meal before the apple cleanse should be a large salad, with a homemade dressing. Have a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado, mushrooms, red onion and chickpeas. Here’s a good oil free dressing recipe.

OMDetox - Lemon Tahini Dressing

What to eat after an apple cleanse diet

When the 2-day detox is over, you should ease your way back into eating regular food. This is to avoid stressing your digestive system with pro-inflammatory foods.

For your first meal, start with a mixed fruit salad or a plate of steamed vegetables. You can also have a green smoothie with your favourite superfood powder. Check out this page for post-cleanse recipe ideas.

Are there any side effects to the apple cleanse?

Any type of cleanse can cause detox symptoms. Of course, this is a very light cleanse, so you may not go through any. Although, you could still experience side effects such as fatigue, headaches, loose stools, or gassiness.

You cannot predict if you will go through detox symptoms. Many people say that it all depends on how toxic your lifestyle is. This is often the case, but the truth is that some individuals who have very unhealthy lifestyles will have no aches, while other super healthy people will feel crapy the whole time.

Is the apple cleanse for everyone?

Doing an apple cleanse may improve your digestion, relieve constipation, help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and make your skin glow.

However, a fruit detox is not for everyone. People who suffer from diabetes should not try this apple cleanse diet. In fact, if you have any type of blood sugar imbalance, you should stay away from a fruit diet unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Instead, fruits should be replaced with non-sweet vegetables such as cucumber, celery, or lettuce.

Other individuals who should not do this cleanse include women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those who suffer from an overgrowth of yeast like Candida albicans.

OMDetox 7-Day Detox

Too many apples for you?

Dr. Ben Kim proposes a different method of apple cleansing, permitting a normal meal at dinner time. He also recommends doing his cleanse for 2-3 days a week during the apple season.

To this apple only cleanse, he adds celery to the routine, another cleansing food. Then at night, he recommends having a dinner composed of at least 50 percent green vegetables. For example, a meal would include steamed broccoli, brown rice, avocado and a healthy homemade dressing.

Dr. Kim’s version of the apple cleanse is much easier with more food variety, and it can procure the same benefits as the original one. Try both and see what you prefer.

I hope that you’ll enjoy doing this apple cleanse diet as much as I did!

2-Day Apple Cleanse Diet

Dominique Julien, ND

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