How to make natural deodorant

Today I’m talking about body odor and natural deodorant…

I’m sure you’ve experienced it at some point.

You’re a work, or at dinner, or at the gym… and all of a sudden you realize that…you stink!!

So embarrassing!

For sure, you can decrease your body odour with the right diet, daily green juices, and a healthy gut flora.

But sometimes, you need something else…

So today I want to share with you my personal recipe for homemade natural deodorant.

It will be the easiest and cheapest you will find, I promise!

Plus, it’s vegan!

That’s right. I don’t need to encourage deodorant companies that test their products on animals!

It’s important to me that all the products that I used are cruelty-free…

Why natural deodorant?

Regular deodorants that you can buy at the store work… that’s a sure thing!

But if you don’t want to cover your armpit with aluminum and toxic fragrances, then a natural deodorant is the way to go.

Why should you stay away from aluminum?

Well, in my case, I just don’t want to take the risk of developing breast cancer.

It happens that in the last 50 years or so, most breast cancers have been found on the upper outer corner of the breast…close to where we apply deodorant.

And in a study, they measured the aluminum levels in breasts after mastectomies, and the aluminum content was higher on that upper outer corner…

Perhaps because it was close to the underarm region…

In a petri dish, it has been shown that aluminum has pro-estrogenic effects on breast cancer cells…

And that it can “increase the migratory and invasive activity” of breast cancer cells (still in a petri dish). 

In 2002, Harvard Women’s Health Watch assured that antiperspirants did not cause breast cancer, based on a study that didn’t find any link between the two.

But in 2003, another study showed that shaving our armpit and using deodorant was associated with more breast cancers.

Why would shaving change anything?

Shaving not only removes armpit hair… it also removes tiny bits of skin!

And it seems that you absorb the aluminum 6x more when the skin is cut.

Does deodorant really causes cancer?

Does aluminum-containing deodorant really causes breast cancer?

I don’t know…

But I read many studies on aluminum being cancerous or toxic…

The thing is that we consume so much aluminum from our diet (baking powder, melting agents, thickeners, candies) and vaccines… so if you compare the amount we absorb from deodorants, it’s very minimal.

Nonetheless, I prefer not using store-bought antiperspirant and make my own natural deodorant instead, just because I don’t like to apply anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat…

How to make natural deodorant

To make natural deodorant, all you need is baking soda and a container…

That’s it!

I have a small container in my bathroom cabinet that I fill with baking soda.

When I want to apply it, I wet my index and middle finger, then dry them a bit, keeping them humid.

I dip my 2 fingers in the container and apply on my armpit.

I do this over the sink because there will be a bit of powder on the falls on the counter otherwise.

That’s it!

Try it… it really works.

PS. Some people react to the baking soda and develop a rash. I don’t know why. If this is your case, stop using it.

Om Detox - Natural Vegan Aluminum Free Deodorant


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